Voluntary Certification System

Voluntary certification system "Quantification of the carbon footprint" - This is a document in the field of technical regulation, which establishes the rules for conducting conformity assessment, namely, the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions and sets the requirements for validation bodies and verification bodies.

  • The voluntary certification system is registered in the unified register of registered systems of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) under the registration number ROSS RU.M2474.04SZA0. SDS "KOUS" is the first voluntary certification system in Russia, which functions exclusively in the field of assessing the level of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The system operates on a voluntary basis, but is an important element in increasing the confidence of users of validation (verification) services, since it contains a number of requirements and guidelines that ensure the objectivity of the results of the work.

The first Validation and Verification Center was admitted to the VTS “Quantifying the Carbon Footprint” as a validation (verification) body.