State and international regulation of the direction of climate change is constantly changing due to the fact that, in comparison with other branches of law, climate law arose, in fact, only in the last 20 years, together with the creation of the first interstate agreements on climate, such as the Kyoto Protocol.

At present, the regulation of processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere is at the stage when the regulation of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by states is established, and it is moving to the stage of developing methods for quantifying and reducing emissions within countries. In this regard, each state creates its own model of work in the field of GHG emissions regulation. At the same time, in the case of exporting products, Russian companies are forced to refer to the legislation of the country to which they supply their products, which often leads to double regulation of the same process.

The activities of the First Validation and Verification Center are aimed at supporting Russian manufacturers in the area of ​​assessing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, namely, at recognizing the assessments issued by the FVVC in the EU countries and the USA. For this purpose, FVVC specialists continuously monitor Russian and foreign legislation in the field of quantifying the level of GHG emissions and provide clients with all possible recommendations to improve their competitiveness in the world market.