Validation - systematic, independent and documented process for evaluating a GHG assertion related to a greenhouse gas project plan against agreed validation criteria.

  1. Validation is carried out by a third party (validation body) according to the process established by the regulatory documents in order to determine the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent) in tonnes of CO2 equivalent per unit of the organization's product for the base period.
  2. Validation is carried out directly by validation experts and involves an in-depth analysis of the company's activities and the volume of its greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. The result of the validation is a greenhouse gas report, which indicates the organization's total greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the level of greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production. In addition to information on greenhouse gas emissions, the report also contains information on the company's removal of greenhouse gases and methods to reduce or replace emissions. The total greenhouse gas validation period is about five days.

To carry out validation, we suggest that you go to the Contacts and undergo an assessment of the level of greenhouse gas emissions in the First Center for Validation and Verification.