Validation and Verification Agency

Body for Validation and Verification of Greenhouse Gases First Center for Validation and Verification LLC

Unique accreditation record number in the register of accredited persons: _____

Name of body: Body for Validation and Verification of Greenhouse Gases Limited Liability Company "First Center for Validation and Verification"

Address: 199034, St. Petersburg, vn.ter.g. Municipal district No. 7, 17th line of V.O., d 4-6, letter E, room. 1N, of. T-316-8

Telephone: +7 (812) 247-78-56


Head of body: Shved Alexey Andreevich

Description of the validation or verification process

Carrying out work on the validation and verification of greenhouse gases

Cost of work

The calculation of the cost is determined based on the complexity of the work, taking into account the following criteria:

  1. Suggested level of assurance, significance, criteria, objectives and scope;
  2. Complexity of the greenhouse gas statement;
  3. Complexity of the project or organization and measurement/monitoring processes;
  4. The organizational environment, including the structure of the organization that develops and manages the GHG statement;
  5. A base case for project validation and verification, including selection and quantification of greenhouse gas sources, sinks and reservoirs applicable to the base case;
  6. Identified sources, sinks and reservoirs of greenhouse gases and their monitoring for verification of the organization;
  7. Processes providing information and data to the GHG claim;
  8. Organizational relationships and interactions between stakeholders, responsible parties, the client, and intended users.

The cost of providing validation and verification services is from 500 thousand rubles. The calculation is carried out individually for each application submitted to the validation and verification body.

Rights and obligations of the applicant

Obligations of the Applicant:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the documented procedure "Carrying out work on the validation and verification of greenhouse gases" before submitting an application containing an application form, a description of the processes of interaction with the Authority, the conditions for issuing conclusions;
  2. Read the DP "Procedure for handling complaints and appeals" before submitting an application;
  3. Provide sufficient and reliable information to enable the Authority to assess the feasibility of validating and verifying greenhouse gases.

Rights of the Applicant:

  1. An applicant who has received a validation and/or verification opinion may publish information about its availability;
  2. The applicant may publish materials related to the procedure for conducting validation and verification work, with the written consent of the Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Body;
  3. The applicant may apply to the Validation and Verification Body for clarification on the procedure for the work;
  4. The Applicant has the right to file a complaint or appeal in accordance with the DP "Procedure for Considering Complaints and Appeals".


List of documents used in the performance of validation and/or verification of greenhouse gases and defining the requirements for these works:

  • GOST R ISO 14064-1-2007 Greenhouse gases. Part 1: Requirements and guidance for quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and removals at the organization level
  • GOST R ISO 14064-2-2007 Greenhouse gases. Part 2. Requirements and Guidance for Quantifying, Monitoring and Reporting Project Level GHG Emission Reduction or Removal Enhancement Projects
  • GOST R ISO 14064-3-2007 Greenhouse gases. Part 3: Requirements and guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions
  • GOST R 56276-2014/ISO/TS 14067:2013 Greenhouse gases. Carbon footprint of products. Requirements and guidelines for quantification and reporting
  • GOST R ISO 14066-2013 Greenhouse gases. Competence Requirements for Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Teams
  • GOST R ISO 14065-2014 Greenhouse gases. Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for their use in accreditation or other forms of recognition
  • GOST R 57262-2016/EN 16258:2012 Environmental management. Calculation and declaration of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the provision of transport services

Complaints and Appeals Rules

Complaints and Appeals Management


Number p/pFULL NAMEEducation InformationExperience
1Shved Alexey AndreevichHigher education Non-state educational institution of higher professional education "Omsk Law Institute", 2011, lawyer majoring in Jurisprudence, VSG Diploma No. 5828736Over 3 years
2Panina Larisa GennadievnaHigher education Kazakh State University. Al-Farabi, 1992, Teacher of political history and social science, Diploma FV No. 633714Over 3 years
3Bezruchko Dmitry VyacheslavovichHigher education Pyatigorsk Institute of Economics and Management, 2000, economist majoring in Finance and Credit, BVS Diploma No. 0798226Over 10 years
4Ermolaev Denis VladimirovichHigher education St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, 2008, engineer majoring in Electric Power Systems and Networks, VSG Diploma No. 0922144Over 13 years
5Ibraev Alexander VyacheslavovichHigher education Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology, 1997, engineer-chemist-technologist, specialty Chemical technology of inorganic substances, Diploma EV No. 636149Over 23 years
6Kopeikin Sergey VladimirovichHigher education Leningrad Higher Order of Lenin Red Banner School of Railway Troops and Military Communications. M.V. Frunze, 1994, railway engineer, specialty Command tactical railway troops, Diploma ZhV No. 086861Over 26 years
7Kurochkin Valery AlekseevichHigher education Siberian Metallurgical Institute. S. Ordzhonikidze, 1969, metallurgical engineer, specialty Foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Diploma C No. 318831Over 51 years
8Moskalenko Andrey VladimirovichHigher education Moscow Order of the Red Banner of Labor Automobile and Road Institute, 1981, mechanical engineer, specialty Automobiles and automotive industry, Diploma MV No. 836617Over 30 years
9Polyakhova Tatyana MikhailovnaHigher education GOU VPO "St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University", 2009, environmental engineer, specialty Engineering environmental protection, VSG Diploma No. 0244193Over 11 years
10Shaikhislamov Artur RafikovichHigher education GOU VPO "Kuzbass State Technical University", 2009, mining engineer, specialty "Underground mining of mineral deposits", VSG Diploma No. 2745780Over 11 years